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We established criteria to provide assurance to investigators, clinicians, and patients, as well as the editors and readers of medical publications to whom we submit our data, that we are publishing comprehensive, balanced, and accurate information about our investigations. The goal of these principles is to guarantee that we generate publications in a responsible and ethical way on a consistent basis.
We are neutral towards the results and conclusions of the trials.

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Our Roots

Our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly in the actions of our initiatives. From the moment we started our work in 2000, we understood that by working together we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently, and that is why we ultimately decided to launch Universal Human Rights and Social Development Association. We strive to make a positive change in all of our pursuits.

Clinical Trials (Nutraceuticals)

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K Nihal Silva
K Nihal Silva

Download Shadow Fight 2 2.23.0 APK for Android - Free Fighting Game

Shadow Fight 2 2.23.0 APK: A Guide to Download and Play the Latest Version of the Epic Fighting Game

If you are a fan of fighting games, you have probably heard of Shadow Fight 2, one of the most popular and addictive games in the genre. Shadow Fight 2 is a game that combines martial arts, RPG elements, and stunning graphics to create an immersive and thrilling experience for the players. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Shadow Fight 2 2.23.0 APK, the latest version of the game that has been released recently. We will explain what is Shadow Fight 2, what is new in Shadow Fight 2 2.23.0 APK, and how to download and install it on your Android device.

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What is Shadow Fight 2?

Shadow Fight 2 is a game that was developed by NEKKI, a Russian game studio that specializes in creating action-packed games with high-quality graphics and sound effects. Shadow Fight 2 was first released in 2014, and since then it has gained millions of fans and positive reviews from critics and players alike.

The story and gameplay of Shadow Fight 2

The game follows the story of a legendary warrior who was once undefeated in combat, but who made a fatal mistake by opening the Gates of Shadows, a portal to a dark world where evil demons reside. As a result, he lost his body and became a shadow, a mere silhouette of his former self. Now, he must fight his way through six different worlds, each ruled by a powerful demon, in order to close the Gates of Shadows and restore his body.

The gameplay of Shadow Fight 2 is simple but challenging. You control your character using a virtual joystick and buttons on the screen, and you can perform various attacks, combos, blocks, and dodges to defeat your enemies. You can also customize your character with different weapons, armor, helmets, skills, and magic that you can buy or unlock as you progress through the game.

The features and modes of Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 has many features and modes that make it fun and engaging for the players. Some of them are:

  • A captivating story mode with six different worlds and bosses

  • A survival mode where you can fight endless waves of enemies

  • A tournament mode where you can compete with other fighters

  • A duel mode where you can challenge your friends or random players online

  • A special edition mode where you can play as Sensei, the mentor of the main character

  • A raid mode where you can team up with other players to fight against powerful bosses

  • A variety of weapons, armor, helmets, skills, and magic to choose from

  • A realistic physics system that makes the fights more dynamic and realistic

  • A stunning graphics style that creates a dark and atmospheric environment

  • A smooth animation system that makes the movements more fluid and natural

  • A great sound design that enhances the mood and intensity of the fights

The benefits of playing Shadow Fight 2

Playing Shadow Fight Playing Shadow Fight 2 can have many benefits for the players, such as:

  • Improving your reflexes and coordination skills

  • Enhancing your creativity and imagination

  • Relieving your stress and boredom

  • Learning about different martial arts and cultures

  • Having fun and entertainment

What is new in Shadow Fight 2 2.23.0 APK?

Shadow Fight 2 2.23.0 APK is the latest version of the game that was released on June 21, 2023. It is a major update that brings many new features, improvements, and bug fixes to the game. Here are some of the highlights of the new version:

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The new update and its changes

The new update introduces a new chapter in the story mode, called Underworld Conqueror. In this chapter, you will face the ultimate challenge of fighting against the mighty Titan, the ruler of the shadow world. You will need to defeat his four bodyguards, each with their own unique abilities and weapons, before you can confront him in an epic battle.

The new update also changes some of the existing features and mechanics of the game, such as:

  • The level cap has been increased from 52 to 60

  • The difficulty of some fights has been adjusted

  • The rewards for completing achievements have been increased

  • The prices of some items have been reduced

  • The performance and stability of the game have been improved

  • The user interface and graphics have been polished

  • The bugs and glitches have been fixed

The new weapons and equipment

The new update adds a lot of new weapons and equipment to the game, which you can use to customize your character and enhance your fighting skills. Some of the new weapons and equipment are:


Titan's SwordWeaponA huge sword that belongs to Titan. It has a high damage and range, but a low speed and mobility.

Titan's ArmorArmor<


The term nutraceutical refers to food items as a whole or a ...


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