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We established criteria to provide assurance to investigators, clinicians, and patients, as well as the editors and readers of medical publications to whom we submit our data, that we are publishing comprehensive, balanced, and accurate information about our investigations. The goal of these principles is to guarantee that we generate publications in a responsible and ethical way on a consistent basis.
We are neutral towards the results and conclusions of the trials.

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Our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly in the actions of our initiatives. From the moment we started our work in 2000, we understood that by working together we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently, and that is why we ultimately decided to launch Universal Human Rights and Social Development Association. We strive to make a positive change in all of our pursuits.

Clinical Trials (Nutraceuticals)

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Chris Hodge
Chris Hodge

Buy Natural Sea Sponge

One of the oldest living organisms on our planet, sea sponges have existed for approximately 750 million years, and are found all over the world. More than 5000 different species of sponges have been identified - mainly in calm clear waters where sediments will not clog the pores they rely on for sustenance. Most natural sea sponges live by permanently attaching themselves to solid objects on the ocean floor and filtering the particulates from the waters around them.

buy natural sea sponge

People have been diving for and using sponges for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians used them for many of the same purposes as we do today. In fact, sponge diving was so important to the classical Greeks that it was even an event in the original Greek Olympic Games.

One of the many benefits of using natural sea sponges for bathing and washing is that they contain enzymes that make them naturally antibacterial, and inhibit the growth of bacteria, mildew and mold. They are naturally hypo-allergenic and toxin free.

The intricate system of canals that makes up the structure of a sea sponge allows them to be washed out quickly, easily, and completely. This means that they do not hold onto organic matter that can cause foul odors. Farewell stinky sponge smell!

Cut sponges regrow, often healthier and bigger than the original, within a few years, and any pieces broken off will settle back to the ocean floor, connect to a new object and create a new sponge. Over time this harvesting method can dramatically increase the population density and overall health of the sponges being harvested.

Sea sponges, with their exceptionally soft texture, have been used for bath and body use for at least the last 2000 years. Natural sponges create a rich luxurious lather, are highly absorbent and suitable for the most sensitive skin. And because sea sponges are so durable, they are ideal for daily shower, bath and spa use.

Natural Sea Sponge from Hawaiian Bath & Body will brighten any bath. The natural sponge is a renewable natural resource that is harvested from the Atlantic ocean. Scientific studies have consistently confirmed that the regular harvesting of natural sponges actually enhances the health and population of the sponges. Natural sponges have several distinct advantages over synthetic sponges: they are much more absorbent, more durable and longer lasting, will not stain or retain odors, and their soft texture promotes better and less abrasive cleaning.

Eucalyptus: One of our favorite essential oils, we use it in many products. Eucalyptus essential oils is known to reduce stress hormones, boost your immune system and is a natural antibacterial.

Jojoba Oil:Jojoba oil is known primarily for its hair care benefits. Its anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties help keep your scalp clean and healthy, and it is naturally pH balanced.

We have been your one source for hand-harvested, processed and trimmed natural sponges for over 80 years. Sponges are in our name. These are the high-quality, wool sponges that contractors have used for years.

Even with 3 kids of our own, it's not something we knew much about, but when we started work on our Pebbl bathtime dispensing and scrubbing brush, it made sense to understand more about why sea sponge has become a popular for bathing.

In a push back against the growth of synthetic alternatives for many decades, it seems like the trend towards 'natural' has made this sponge popular. Plus they have that rugged, earthy look which makes for a nice Insta pic in your bathroom.

Sponge grows almost exclusively in salt water and without a brain or nervous system, it is actually one of the simplest animals on earth. It lives by attaching itself to stationary objects on the ocean floor and passing sea water through its body and extracting the sea minerals it needs to live. Harvesting the sponge encourages further reproduction and that makes it a great sustainable material.

Additional preparation of the sea sponge might include bleaching to lighten the colour of the sponge, and they may spend some time in a mild acid solution to make sure any microorganisms are killed off before being packaged and sold.

First take a table spoon of baking powder or bicarbonate of soda and add to a container of water (bigger enough to fit your sponge in) and soak the sponge in there for 15 minutes each week. Rinse and allow to air dry. This process supports the structure of the cells in the sponge and will help it last longer without crumbling away.

However synthetic sponges do hold their shape for longer and unless properly cared for, a natural sea sponge is likely to shed and disintegrate before too long. Especially in the hands of a baby keen to chew things or a not too careful child, you could end up with a handful of sponge fibres and not much more to actually wash with.

Enjoy our largest sponge possible - the extra large natural sea sponge reduce your plastic use in the bathroom and use only the best natural products, these sponges are incredible and the biggest we do, the amazing detail and clear channels of the sponge network make for an incredible washing experience.

These sponges are harvested under strict control only twice per year in sustainable Mediterranean sea beds, they have a high quality control procedure where they are washed out by hand to remove sand and shells.

These sponges are prepared by family business Croll & Denecke, a German company who have been working with sponges since1897, you can be assured of the very best quality and environmental considerations.

Perfect for both body and face, these all natural sea sponges help cleanse the skin by scraping away the dead skin and washing away dirt. A time-honered item in the mediterranean, it perfectly complements our soaps.

Natural ingredients come from plants, flowers and minerals found in nature. No GMOs (genetically modified ingredients). No parabens, sulfates or harmful ingredients. Free of petrochemicals. Never tested on animals and manufactured to retain the integrity of the natural elements.

The skin is our largest organ. Since products applied to the skin are absorbed and enter the bloodstream, they must be natural and organic whenever possible. Natural and organic products are healthier and safer for the environment and animals (no animal testing).

Sulfates help soaps create a thick lather, but they may build up in the body over time. Additionally, sulfates can strip away natural and beneficial oils and dry the hair and skin. It is best to avoid sulfates for those with sensitive skin, acne, or eczema as they can irritate the skin and clog the pores.

Sea sponges are simple, multicellular creatures that live in the oceans. They pre-date dinosaurs by around 400 million years, but unlike T-Rex and his buddies, they are still alive and kicking today.

Sea sponges have top-notch exfoliating, circulation-boosting, and radiance-enhancing abilities. Their texture allows for the gentle but effective removal of dead skin cells and dry, flaky patches to give you softer, smoother skin.

When wet, this sponge becomes fluffy and amazingly soft (can be compared to silk). It's very durable and inhibits the growth of bacteria, unlike washcloths and artificial sponges. California Baby Natural "Wool" Sea Sponges are sustainably harvested from a renewable source; each sponge may slightly vary in size, shape and color. See our tip below on how to help your California Baby Natural "Wool" Sea Sponge last and last. Sold exclusively at California Baby.

Before first use: Rinse in warm water to soften, inspect the sponge carefully for any sea particles (i.e., coral, shells, or sea debris). Our natural wool sea sponges are carefully processed and cleaned, but we recommend that you check it thoroughly as it is a natural sponge harvested in the sea/ocean.

Lengthen the life of your sponge by 40%! Simply soak sponge in a mixture of 2 parts baking soda to 1 part water every 2-3 weeks. Let sponge sit for about an hour, then rinse and allow to dry completely.

SHEA BUTTER: Derived from the nut of the karite tree native to western Africa, shea butter is a natural product rich in fatty acids and vitamins. Nourishes and treats dry, chapped, sunburned and irritated skin. Rejuvenates skin pores and adds elasticity to skin. Suitable for babies and adults with sensitive skin.

Our Natural Sea Sponge is a great reusable makeup applicator. This sponge prevents streaking when applying cake type makeup. Natural Sea Sponges are the choice of professional makeup artists because they are easily cleaned with soap and water and return to their natural shape and texture time after time. Approx. 3" x 2" x 2".

Natural sea sponges, also called sponges or Porifera, are marine organisms, classified as multicellular. Having no brains or nervous system, these marine animals live on a stable support like a rock or pebbles and have been growing in the sea for centuries.

All natural, softly textured sea sponge. Natural sea sponges contain enzymes that help inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. A toxin-free and hypoallergenic complement to your bathing ritual.

So I get a text message asking if I wanted to order some more of the sponges, I replied yes and I ordered two more but they were half the size of the first one, so I don't know what is up with that but I got a big one the first time and then on my second order I ordered two for gifts and they were half the size. The sponges themselves are awesome, that's why a five star.

The real sea sponge is well sized for its purpose. Its texture is mentally and physically satisfying. It is strong, but not harsh or sharp. It holds soap for an appropriate time, then rinses cleanly. When I run it across my skin, it reminds me that we all come from the sea, and I am happy.

Our facial size is a sea silk sponge hand harvested from the out islands of the Philippines. These sponges have the finest cell structure for gentle cleansing and exfoliation. Sea Sponges are naturally anti-microbial. They will never become moldy. 041b061a72


The term nutraceutical refers to food items as a whole or a ...


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