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Never Let Me Go by Sachin Garg PDF Free Download - A Book That Will Make You Laugh and Cry

Never Let Me Go by Sachin Garg: A Book Review

Have you ever read a book that made you laugh, cry, and think at the same time? If not, then you should definitely check out Never Let Me Go by Sachin Garg, a bestselling author of young adult fiction. This book is a heart-wrenching story of love, friendship, and life that will keep you hooked till the end.

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Never Let Me Go is a novel by Sachin Garg, published in 2012 by Grapevine India Publishers Pvt. Ltd. It is a romantic comedy with a twist that explores the themes of love, betrayal, friendship, loyalty, life, and death. The book has received positive reviews from readers and critics alike, and has sold over 50,000 copies in India.

The author, Sachin Garg, is a young and talented writer who has written several books in the genre of young adult fiction. He is known for his witty and humorous style of writing that appeals to the youth. He is also a speaker, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Grapevine India Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

The book is popular among the young readers who can relate to the characters and their emotions. It is also popular among those who enjoy a good mix of humor and drama in their stories. The book has been praised for its realistic portrayal of relationships and its unexpected twist that leaves the readers stunned.

Summary of the plot

The book follows the story of Onir Dutt, a 25-year-old engineer who works in a software company in Delhi. He is in love with his girlfriend Shradha Sharma, who is also his colleague. They have been together for four years and plan to get married soon.

However, things take a turn for the worse when Onir sees Shradha kissing his roommate Rishi in their apartment. He feels betrayed and heartbroken by her act of infidelity. He decides to leave Delhi and go to Goa to forget her and start a new life.

In Goa, he meets Aishani Mehra, a 21-year-old girl who works as a waitress in a beach shack. She is lively, cheerful, and adventurous. She helps Onir cope with his pain and shows him how to enjoy life. They become good friends and eventually fall in love with each other.

But their happiness is short-lived when Onir discovers that Aishani has a terminal illness that will kill her soon. He also learns that Shradha did not cheat on him with Rishi; she was just having an asthma attack and Rishi was giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He realizes that he has made a huge mistake by leaving Shradha and hurting her feelings.

He faces a dilemma: should he go back to Shradha and apologize for his misunderstanding or should he stay with Aishani and make her last days memorable? What will he do? Who will he choose? And what will happen to his love life?

The book ends with a tragic and shocking twist that will leave the readers in tears. It also conveys a powerful message about the importance of living in the present and cherishing every moment with your loved ones.

Analysis of the themes

The book explores several themes that are relevant to the contemporary society and the young generation. Some of the major themes are:

Love and betrayal

The book depicts the complexities and challenges of love and relationships in the modern world. It shows how love can be both beautiful and painful, how it can make you happy and sad, how it can inspire you and break you. It also shows how betrayal can shatter your trust and confidence, how it can hurt you and haunt you, how it can make you doubt yourself and others.

The book portrays the different aspects of love and betrayal through the characters of Onir, Shradha, and Aishani. Onir loves Shradha deeply but feels betrayed by her when he sees her kissing Rishi. He loses his faith in her and their relationship. He also betrays her by leaving her without an explanation and falling in love with Aishani. Shradha loves Onir sincerely but feels betrayed by him when he leaves her without a word. She suffers from depression and guilt for hurting him. She also betrays him by hiding her asthma condition from him. Aishani loves Onir unconditionally but feels betrayed by fate when she learns that she is dying. She suffers from fear and anger for being robbed of her life. She also betrays him by not telling him about her illness until it is too late.

Friendship and loyalty

The book depicts the importance and value of friendship and loyalty in life. It shows how friends can be your support system and your source of joy, how they can help you overcome your problems and achieve your goals, how they can stand by you and protect you. It also shows how loyalty can be your strength and your virtue, how it can earn you respect and trust, how it can make you honorable and noble.

The book portrays the different aspects of friendship and loyalty through the characters of Rishi, Anuj, and Nidhi. Rishi is Onir's roommate and best friend who cares for him like a brother. He is loyal to Onir and Shradha and tries to save their relationship. He is also loyal to Aishani and helps her fulfill her wishes. Anuj is Onir's colleague and friend who accompanies him to Goa. He is supportive of Onir and his decisions. He is also loyal to his girlfriend Nidhi who is pregnant with his child. Nidhi is Shradha's friend who consoles her after Onir's departure. She is sympathetic to Shradha and her situation. She is also loyal to Anuj and their relationship.

Life and death

The book depicts the uncertainty and fragility of life and death in the world. It shows how life can be unpredictable and cruel, how it can change in an instant, how it can take away your dreams and hopes. It also shows how death can be inevitable and final, how it can end your existence, how it can separate you from your loved ones.

The book portrays the different aspects of life and death through the characters of Aishani, Onir, Shradha, Rishi, Anuj, Nidhi, Aishani's parents, Onir's parents, Shradha's parents, etc. Aishani has a rare disease that will kill her soon. She has no control over her life or death. She tries to live every day as if it is her last. She wants to experience everything before she dies. She wants to make Onir happy before she leaves him. Onir has a normal life that turns upside down when he sees Shradha kissing Rishi. He leaves his life in Delhi behind and goes to Goa to start a new one. He falls in love with Aishani who changes his life for the better. He wants to spend his life with her but loses her to death. He has no choice but to accept her death and move on with his life.

Evaluation of the writing style

The book is written in a simple and engaging style that appeals to the young readers. The author uses several techniques to make his writing effective and enjoyable. Some of the techniques are:

The use of first-person narration

The book is narrated by Onir who tells his story from his perspective. He shares his thoughts, feelings, opinions, experiences, memories, etc. with the readers. He makes the readers feel connected to him and his story.

The use of humor and sarcasm

The use of dialogue and description

The book contains many dialogues between the characters that reveal their personalities, emotions, relationships, etc. The dialogues are realistic, witty, and lively. They make the readers feel involved in the conversations. The book also contains many descriptions of the settings, events, actions, etc. that create vivid images in the readers' minds. The descriptions are detailed, colorful, and expressive. They make the readers feel immersed in the scenes.

Comparison with other books by the author

The book is similar to other books by the author in terms of the genre, theme, style, and tone. The author has written several books in the genre of young adult fiction that deal with the topics of love, friendship, life, etc. Some of his other books are:

  • Come On Inner Peace! I Don't Have All Day! - This book is a humorous and inspirational story of a young man who goes on a spiritual journey to find inner peace and happiness.

  • It's First Love...Just Like The Last One! - This book is a romantic and emotional story of a young couple who fall in love for the first time and face various challenges and obstacles in their relationship.

  • I'm Not Twenty Four...I've Been Nineteen For Five Years! - This book is a funny and adventurous story of a young woman who works in a steel plant in a remote village and experiences a culture shock and a life transformation.

The book is different from other books by the author in terms of the plot, twist, and message. The book has a unique and original plot that surprises the readers with its twist. The book has a tragic and shocking twist that makes the readers cry and think. The book has a powerful and meaningful message that touches the readers' hearts and souls.


The book is a well-written and well-crafted piece of literature that entertains and educates the readers. It has a captivating and compelling plot that keeps the readers interested and curious. It has a memorable and relatable cast of characters that make the readers feel for them and root for them. It has a profound and poignant theme that makes the readers reflect and learn. It has an appealing and amusing style that makes the readers enjoy and appreciate.

The book is suitable for young adults who like to read stories about love, friendship, life, etc. It is also suitable for anyone who likes to read stories that are humorous, dramatic, realistic, and touching. The book deserves a rating of 4 out of 5 stars for its quality and impact.

The book is highly recommended for those who want to read a book that will make them laugh, cry, and think at the same time. It is also recommended for those who want to read a book that will inspire them to live in the present and cherish every moment with their loved ones. The book is a must-read for anyone who loves a good story with a good message.


  • What is the genre of Never Let Me Go by Sachin Garg?

The genre of Never Let Me Go by Sachin Garg is young adult fiction.

  • Who are the main characters of Never Let Me Go by Sachin Garg?

The main characters of Never Let Me Go by Sachin Garg are Onir Dutt, Shradha Sharma, Aishani Mehra, Rishi Kapoor, Anuj Singh, Nidhi Sharma.

  • What is the twist of Never Let Me Go by Sachin Garg?

The twist of Never Let Me Go by Sachin Garg is that Aishani dies in an accident on her birthday after telling Onir that she loves him and that she has a terminal illness.

  • What is the message of Never Let Me Go by Sachin Garg?

The message of Never Let Me Go by Sachin Garg is that life is unpredictable and fragile, so we should live in the present and cherish every moment with our loved ones.

  • Where can I download Never Let Me Go by Sachin Garg for free?

You can download Never Let Me Go by Sachin Garg for free from, but you should respect the author's rights and buy the book if you like it.



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