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Taking care of mental health of children during covid19

6th April, 2020

Covid 19 Community Outreach

7th November 2020

3rd Annual Mindfulness Webinar (Online)

13th August, 2020

Register yourself for the first of its kind, nutraceutical trial for depression. (Currently Closed)

9th December, 2020.

Feeling Low?
Participate in our On-line survey to avail free on-line counselling service. (Currently Closed)

10th April,2020

"Lockdown to Knockdown COVID-19 - additional tips"

8th April, 2020

Taking care of mental health of elderly during covid19

4th April, 2020


3rd April, 2020

Practical tips to take care of your mental health during the stay in.

2nd April, 2020

Minding our minds during the COVID-19

1st April, 2020

Various health experts on how to manage mental health and well-being during the #COVID19 outbreak.

30th March, 2020

Dr. Shekhar P. Seshadri on 'Connecting with li'l ones during the #COVID19 stay-in'

29th March, 2020

Participate in our On-line survey on Mental Health & Yoga

10th February, 2020

We are in the process of moving all our services online.

For :
1.    Women's Mental Health On-line Consultation please email us at

1.    Ambulance Service Updates please call 0135 2516117 (Currently Closed)
2.    Women’s online legal Aid contact us at
3.    For further enquiry on Research Collaboration, Scholarships, Fellowships, Donations and Employability contact us at

12th February, 2020

Due to Covid 19 Pandemic.
The Organisation is Closed under further notice.

10th February, 2020

Covid 19 Guidelines

8th February, 2020

15th December,2019
Mental Health Awareness Camp

13th November, 2019

10th November, 2019 Community Outreach Programme. (Registration Closed)

11th October, 2019

12th September 2019
2nd Annual Mindfulness Camp. (Registration Closed)

8th August, 2019

Annual Expressive Art Therapy Seminar. (Registration Closed)

10th June, 2019

Free Women Health Camp. (Registration Closed)

6th February, 2019

Free Mental Health Check Up Camp. (Registration Closed)

20th January, 2019

2nd Annual Yoga Camp.(Registration Closed)

16th January, 2019

Mental Health & Art Therapy Awareness Camp(Registration Closed)

18th October, 2018

Community Outreach Programme. (Registration Closed)

14th September, 2018

Mindfulness Camp. (Registration Closed)

 12th August, 2018 

Free Women's Health Check-up Camp on the Occasion of International Women's Day. (Registration Closed)

 Feb 3rd, 2018

1st Annual Yoga Camp. (Registration Closed)

20th January 2018

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