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 Scales of Justice

Legal Aid & Consultation

We care for all your worries.

Women are particularly vulnerable to social exclusion; they face the greatest number of civil justice issues, and in a complex system, legal counsel is critical to addressing these social exclusions. Early intervention prevents issues from escalating or increasing. UHRSDA strives to make its Free Legal Advice (FLA) services as accessible as possible to women from all walks of life. We offer legal information, guidance, representation, and specialized social work support to women. Our Legal Experts provide free legal advice and information to women on a variety of issues such as domestic abuse, dowry, gender inequity, and workplace discrimination, among others. The Free Legal Advice service's overall goal is to empower women by easing their access to legal rights through legal representation, counseling, and legal education. The goals and objectives of this UHRSDA service are to increase women's representation and to reach out to needy women whose problems have not yet been resolved; to increase access to legal representation for marginalized women, and to strengthen women's capacity to fight for their rights and prevent violations against them. The policy of free legal counsel for women is to maintain and protect the rights of the women who provide legal advice, thereby promoting complete empowerment in our society.

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