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We established criteria to provide assurance to investigators, clinicians, and patients, as well as the editors and readers of medical publications to whom we submit our data, that we are publishing comprehensive, balanced, and accurate information about our investigations. The goal of these principles is to guarantee that we generate publications in a responsible and ethical way on a consistent basis.
We are neutral towards the results and conclusions of the trials.

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Our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly in the actions of our initiatives. From the moment we started our work in 2000, we understood that by working together we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently, and that is why we ultimately decided to launch Universal Human Rights and Social Development Association. We strive to make a positive change in all of our pursuits.

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Chris Hodge

How to Fix Common Issues with Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe and Creative Sound Cards

Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe: What Is It and Why You Need It

If you have a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy series of audio devices, you may have heard of Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe. This is a software package that provides updated drivers and applications for your sound card, enhancing its performance and compatibility with Windows operating systems. In this article, we will explain what Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe is, what it does, and how to download and install it.

Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe


What Is Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe?

Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe is a software package created by Daniel_K, a modder who has been improving Creative sound cards for over 15 years. He has released several support packs for different models of Creative sound cards, such as X-Fi, Audigy, and Live!. These support packs are unofficial, but they are widely used and praised by the sound card community.

Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe is the latest version of the support pack for Creative Sound Blaster Audigy series of audio devices. It supports the following models:

  • Sound Blaster Audigy (SB0090/SB0092/SB0160)

  • Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum (SB0090)

  • Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum eX (SB0090)

  • Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer (SB0090)

  • Sound Blaster Audigy MP3+ (SB0090)

  • Sound Blaster Audigy Player (SB0090)

  • Sound Blaster Audigy ES (SB0160)

  • Sound Blaster Audigy Value (SB0160)

  • Sound Blaster Audigy SE/LS/Value/Live! 24-bit (SB0570/SB0571/SB0410/SB0412/SB0413/SB0490)

Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe provides updated drivers and applications for these sound cards, such as:

  • Creative Audio Console

  • Creative EAX Console

  • Creative Speaker Settings

  • Creative Graphic Equalizer

  • Creative SoundFont Bank Manager

  • Creative Smart Recorder

  • Creative WaveStudio

  • Creative MediaSource Player/Organizer

  • Creative ALchemy

What Does Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe Do?

Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe does several things to improve your sound card experience. It:

  • Provides Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP support for Creative Sound Blaster Audigy series of audio devices.

  • Restores EAX effects and 3D audio for certain DirectSound3D games in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

  • Fixes various bugs and issues with the original drivers and applications.

  • Optimizes the performance and compatibility of the sound card with various games and applications.

  • Adds optional SoundFont banks for enhanced MIDI playback.

How to Download and Install Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe?

To download and install Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to Daniel_K's official blog at

  • Find the post titled "Final updates for my Support Packs and farewell" dated August 8, 2021.

  • Scroll down to the section titled "Audigy Support Pack 8.0" and click on the download link.

  • Save the file to your computer and unzip it using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip.

  • Run the Setup.exe file and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Restart your computer when prompted.

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded and installed Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe. Enjoy your improved sound quality and compatibility with your Creative Sound Blaster Audigy series of audio devices.

What Are the Benefits of Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe?

Many users of Creative Sound Blaster Audigy series of audio devices have reported positive feedback after installing Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe. Some of the benefits they have experienced are:

  • Better sound quality and clarity, especially for music and movies.

  • More options and features to customize and enhance the sound output.

  • Improved compatibility and stability with Windows operating systems and various games and applications.

  • No more annoying pop-ups or errors from Creative software.

  • Easy and hassle-free installation and uninstallation.

Some users have also compared Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe with the official drivers from Creative and found that the former is superior in terms of performance and functionality. For example, one user said:

"I have been using Daniel_K's drivers for years now and they are far better than Creative's official drivers. They fix many issues that Creative never bothered to address, such as the missing volume panel, the broken EAX effects, the sound dropping out in some games, etc. They also add some useful features that Creative never implemented, such as the optional SoundFont banks, the ASIO support, the ALchemy wrapper, etc. They are a must-have for any Audigy owner."

How to Uninstall Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe?

If you want to uninstall Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe for any reason, you can do so easily by following these steps:

  • Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features (or Add or Remove Programs in Windows XP).

  • Find Audigy Support Pack in the list of installed programs and click on Uninstall.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to remove all components of Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe.

  • Restart your computer when prompted.

Note: If you want to reinstall Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe later, you need to first uninstall the original drivers from Creative using their uninstaller tool. You can download it from


Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe is a software package that provides updated drivers and applications for Creative Sound Blaster Audigy series of audio devices. It improves the sound quality and compatibility of your sound card with Windows operating systems and various games and applications. It is easy to download and install, and it has many positive reviews from users. If you have a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy series of audio devices, you should definitely give Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe a try. ca3e7ad8fd


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